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Rosalinda Natividad
Incite Consultancy, CEO

TTGV is a catalyst for economic change in Turkey, and will most assuredly catapult the city to the forefront of innovation. It leverages the Turkish culture, which is inherently entrepreneurial and is incubating an ecosystem for prosperity. As it works to transition the economy and nurture startups, it will need leadership, financial resources and support from both Turkey and our global community of innovators.

Şenay Ataselim Yılmaz
Turkish Philanthropy Funds, COO

Even before we started working with TTGV, it was an entity that excited us with the projects they carried out for the development of technology and innovation. We are proud to be a part of their contributions to the technological development of Turkey without discrimination, by providing opportunities for everyone towards the creation, sharing and actualization of creative ideas.

Gunes Yildirim
Güneş Yıldırım
Founder of Fundraising School, International Fund Raising Expert

The uniting power of TTGV builds a substantial bridge between the private sector, public and civil society. Based on the presence of open-minded, visionary people at all ranks, including Boards of Directors, founders, the Secretary General and experts. I’m certain it will continue to be an institution that illuminates the future.

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Pelin Mavili
Corporate Affairs and Policy Director at GE

Ever since it’s foundation, TTGV has led the way in creating an innovative culture in the country. It also plays an important role in economic development based on the leadership role it assumes in the commercialization of technology process.

Ussal Sahbaz
Ussal Şahbaz
Innovation Leader at GE Turkey

TTGV is an organization that has a mission of innovation in public policies in Turkey, and was founded with private sector partnership, outside bureaucracy. The institutions with which TTGV collaborates, such as Technology Investment, are the best models of innovation in the areas in which they operate. TTGV has become the most important platform for innovation in Turkey, based on its knowledge and experience.

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Melek Bar Elmas
President of TOBB Turkey Software Council

TTGV illuminated the path of technology and those who dedicate themselves to it through its visionary approach. Not only that, by taking an active role in the creation of a technology habitat, it has helped us all to understand the power of collaboration by leading the way.

Samir Deliormanli
Samir Deliormanlı
Chairman at the Board of Directors at LES Turkey

“TTGV is among the most important players in the development of the technology, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in our country. The fact that they actively strive to come up with solutions that bring about meaningful change is what I value most in their approach. In this way, they are able to put forward many creative mechanisms at both macro and micro levels.”

Dr. Ceyhun Göcenoğlu
Turkish Corporate Affairs Director at IBM

The Technology Development Foundation of Turkey is among the pioneering institutions contributing to the development of the innovation ecosystem in Turkey through public-private sector collaboration. TTGV contributes not only to the cultures of technology and innovation, but also the culture of collaboration in our country.

Ilhan Basgoren
İlhan Bağören
Telenity CEO

TTGV is one of the most diligent, professional and efficient organizations I’ve ever encountered in Turkey, in terms of both its mission and administration.

Baran Korkut
Baran Korkut
Business Models Inc.

I found the clearest, most supportable and pursuable vision and story in terms of innovation in TTGV, and saw that it was also not empty inside.

Murat Idal
Murat İdal
Board Member at LES Turkey

TTGV and Kıvılcım keep making a difference and impressing with the projects in which they participate. They seem to have naturally unraveled the mystery.

Ziya Altunyaldiz
Ziya Altunyaldız
Member of Parliament, TTGV Board Member (2005–2010)

TTGV is an important building block in the modernization and transformation of the business world in Turkey.

Laird D  Treiber
Laird D. Treiber
Former Economic Relations Consulate at the US Embassy

TTGV’s success is a significant indicator of the actions and energies of Turkish entrepreneurs, and it encourages others to follow their innovative steps, which are admirable.

Suleyman Alata
Süleyman Alata
Secretary General at the Southern Aegean Development Agency

The fact that policies and activities relating to clean technologies are included for the regional level of the national development plan, with the coordination of development agencies, makes us feel more confident about the future. TTGV’s studies and activities have contributed greatly to the inclusion of this topic on the development agenda of our country.

Namik Unlu
Dr. Namık Ünlü
TÜBİTAK-MAM Energy Institute

TTGV’s valuable support is not only considered to be an important source of added value for the organization conducting the study, but also increases the impact of dissemination to higher levels through qualified best practices.

Dr T Fikret Yucel
Dr. T. Fikret Yücel
1991–2012 Chairman at TTGV Board of Directors

Without a doubt, TTGV plays a highly influential role in revealing how important innovation is in the private sector, allowing companies to gain competitive power and even to survive.

Erman Ilicak
Erman Ilcak
Chairman at the Board of Directors, Rönesans Holding

When I consider the progress from the past to the present made by companies working with TTGV, and see how they have gained strength and improved in R&D, each can be considered a success story; and I believe with all my heart that TTGV will become a building block for innovation in Turkish business life in the future. I support TTGV’s inspiring work towards increasing the competitiveness of our country and follow the


TTGV was founded as a joint initiative of the public and private sectors 28 years ago. Since its establishment, we have been leading Turkey’s technology adventure through continuous introduction of new models that we test and implement. We are at your service with our innovative tools and collaborations that address the perpetual change required by technology and innovation, and that keep evolving through differentiation.

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