Technologies and innovation are being generated faster than ever, and shape all aspects of our lives, from education to healthcare, and from the environment to agriculture.

Keeping up with the changes and transformations, and being a part of it and shaping it, requires more sophisticated and dynamic structures, as well as collaborations.

We consider collaborations with stakeholders at local, national and international levels to be important in all processes, including the creation, development and implementation of ideas, and in the bringing of these ideas to maturity so as to create a difference and to remain competitive.

At local level

At a local level, we develop and implement joint projects/programs to raise awareness on issues regarding technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability with organizations and communities such as organized industrial zones, chambers of commerce and industry, technoparks, development agencies, regional development administrations, and municipalities.

At national level

In collaboration with ministries, policy makers, universities, business organizations and national NGOs, we devise projects, receive and provide support to fill gaps, and provide the necessary solutions to problems faced in the development of the ecosystem in Turkey to encourage the dissemination of technology.

At international level

We collaborate with international organizations, specialized agencies, global companies and organizations to raise awareness of the concepts and approaches that become prevalent in the world in our country, and in the management of financial instruments required in this context, building capacity at a national level and implementing tangible applications. We take part in ecosystem activities in Turkey and in the local geography.