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Human Resources Research in Technological Innovation Ecosystem has been published

The “Human Resources Research in Technological #Innovation Ecosystem”, which we prepared to understand the thoughts, behaviors and expectations of those who supply and demand highly qualified human resources, is on the air! For #TechnologyDevelopingTurkey, the research, which is based on the mission of conducting studies with high level participation, discussing and disseminating the strategic issues that TTGV is interested in, and reporting the results, covers the following issues:
·       Fundamental changes likely to affect the workforce / thought to occur,
·       Our industry’s strategic management and HR strategy relations
·       Our industry needs for human resources
·       Human resources skills, competencies and attributes needed in our industry
·       Difficulties encountered by our industry in highly qualified HR
·       HR development / training activities of our industry
·       Higher education in the supply of highly qualified HR

For review We would like to thank the team members who contributed to the preparation of the report and the participants who sincerely answered the questions posed.