Make Tomorrow


The “Make Tomorrow” program is a digital transformation training program targeting 9th, 10th and 11th grade students in Turkey.

Teachers who have worked previously on Arduino kits or a similar platform join the program voluntarily. They are invited to receive two-day applied electronics and coding training with free kits given by TTGV.

Each trained teacher gather a 4-5 student group of volunteers.

The volunteer groups start working on their project demos aimed at providing solutions for  identified problems  around them in the areas of Health, Environment and Energy, and Smart Cities. In order to solve the identified problem, groups work under the guidance of trained teachers and use the free kits provided by TTGV.

Each school assigns a teacher as project coordinator. Project coordinator is responsible for reporting project progress to TTGV every two weeks.

The student groups that complete their demos describe their projects on TTGV forms by using visual supplements and storytelling.

The program has two rounds in every year. The most successful projects in each round are chosen by an independent jury selects the most successful projects of each round. The winning groups are rewarded at a public event.

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You can find more information about the program here.



Süleyman Bağırgan