Green Technology Projects (YETEP) Support Program

 Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) provide repayable financial support to industrial enterprises for the implementation of projects in the areas of climate-friendly technologies, clean production technologies and energy efficiency, renewable energy and other energy technologies by the support of Green Technology Projects (YETEP).

 Aims and Objectives of Support 

With the support of Green Technology Projects (YETEP), it is aimed to increase the environmental performance of the industrial enterprises and to reduce the production costs and thus to support the implementations for increasing the competitiveness. In these projects, it is aimed to encourage the development / production of such technologies with local resources by giving priority to domestic technologies.

Support Scope Green Technology Projects Support (YETEP) consists of three different support areas: “Climate-Friendly Technology Support”, “Clean Production Technologies Support”  and ”Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Other Energy Technologies Support.

 The main objective of the Climate-Friendly Technologies Support is to provide support for domestic and innovative climate-friendly, energy efficient, reliable and proven technologies to reduce the use and emission of high-temperature gases (GWP) such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).

 The main objective of Clean Production Technologies Support is to provide support for development, realization and commercialization of clean production technologies and applications, which include technological innovation for minimum energy, water, raw material consumption and minimum waste generation, and which can be applied in industry and have economic value in the framework of resource efficiency (eco-efficiency / clean production / sustainable production) understanding.

 The main objective of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Other Energy Technologies Support is to provide support for increasing energy efficiency in industrial applications, the use of renewable energy and development and implementation of domestic and innovative technologies that generate fuel and energy from wastes through environment-friendly technology applications in energy production and use. It aims to increase competitiveness in energy-intensive industries and to ensure the reduction of energy dependence on foreign market and greenhouse gas emissions.

 Industrial enterprises may apply for projects for one or more of these areas. In the projects, the use of domestic technology and equipment as well as advanced technology (materials, electronics, software, etc.) are among the priorities of TTGV and it is aimed to support the applications with innovative dimensions.

 Application and Support Conditions   Organizations that residing in Turkey, operating in the same field at least 3 years are able to apply to the program.· Project support period is maximum 15 (fifteen) months. The project support budget limit is minimum 100.000 US Dollar and the upper limit is 400,000 US Dollar.· The start date of the project is accepted as the first day of the month following the application deadline or later. Projects that have already started are evaluated based on the application deadline.· In the projects to be supported, TTGV only covers up to 50% of machinery / equipment costs (excluding VAT) and consumption expenses (excluding VAT) of up to 5% of TTGV support. Other types of expenditures (personnel, transportation, construction, etc.) within the scope of the project belong to the industrial enterprises.The enterprises which apply to the Green Technology Project Support Programme should provide the guarantee letter from the banks and / or the KGF (Kredi Garanti Fonu) guarantee for the support amount. In addition, the joint shareholders of the major proprietors of the applying enterprises may also be requested to sign several joint guarantors.

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