Ideanest is one of TTGV’s intermediary models ,a crowdsourcing platform, created with our 28 years foundation and financial management experience. Ideanest aims to match the beneficiaries with the funders, aligned with TTGV’s new strategies.

While ideanest is similar to the “crowdfunding” model, it benefits from being an online platform that matches those with ideas including academicians with proper financing and expertise. In ideanest, projects are evaluated by TTGV experts with 28 years long-standing experince in project evaluation. Ideanest Program aims to provide visibility to early-stage technology-based new product ideas, as well as academic research projects that have the potential to proceed beyond the ideation phase into a project.

Through ideanest, project owners and researchers may aggregate necessary funding for their specific needs. Furthermore, project owners and researchers can boost their idea development process by using ideanest as a hub to reach for technical competencies and expertise.

Ideanest is a nest for your ideas and projects. You can find more information about the program here.

Süleyman Bağırgan