Xnovate is a TTGV program that aims to promote good practices and improve member’s capacity for innovation processes which will create competition in the private sector. Xnovate offers environments and tools in which new ideas and methods will be discussed and implemented in a community that learn and develop together with innovators in organizations of various scales.

Xnovate program consists of five sub-brands in total.

Xnovate Circle is a community of  practice that speak, share, raise issues, learn and try to develop solutions about technology and innovation.

Xnovate Fellows is a one-year program that consists of 4 module and 1 summit. The program designed to train innovation leaders who will make difference at technology and innovation area.

Xnovate Lab is a platform that offers different and unique applications that support the development of innovation processes. Xnovate Lab includes many frames, methods, tools and applications.

Xnovate Havadis is a news channel where you can follow up information about innovative ideas from companies, different working techniques, examples from around the world and developments in corporate innovation.

Xnovate Hands-on is a platform where new ideas, unique methods, innovation tools are discussed and shared by people who are involved in TTGV’s target group, innovation and technology professionals

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