About us


About us

TTGV was founded as a public-private partnership in 1991 with a mission to promote and support technology development and innovation activities by the private companies.

TTGV is Turkey’s only “non-profit intermediary/implementing agency-not primarily prioritizing profit” model that is commonly accepted in World’s developed ecosystems primarily in the European Union. 

TTGV is one of the seven non-profit organizations established by law and also only organization dedicated to technology and innovation in Turkey.

TTGV designs, develops and implements activities to provide reference and build capacity for value added operations, processes and products to support the vision of “Technology Developing Turkey”.

Our Founders’ Committee consists of 56 reputable members that are representatives of public institutions, private sector companies, associations, foundations, chambers and private persons.

TTGV’s Board of Directors consists of 15 members. 10 board members are elected private sector representatives of Founders’ Committee. 5 board members are assigned by the public institutions that are defined in TTGV’s Deed of Trust.


Our Strategic Goals

SG 1: To make exports more innovation-intensive.

SG 2: To become Turkey’s innovation platform, offering networking opportunities.

SG 3 : To increase the total financial resources under our management.

SG 4 : To transform TTGV’s corporate management structure.