Business Model

Business Model

Since our establishment in 1991, TTGV's business model has been based on financial sustainability and ensuring productivity. The foundation of our business model consists of not only listening and interpreting the ecosystem but also creating solutions together with ecosystem stakeholders. Our unique business model enables easy adaptation to rapidly changing technology and innovation environment and quick response to the needs of the ecosystem.   TTGV’s business model aims to:

  • Establish strong partnerhips that will incur added value to our organizational goals and strategies.
  • Create different views where new financial resources can be utilized.
  • Provide solid references.

Develop new business networks and expertise while considering the existing ones consistent with our strategies.

Guiding Values

Adaptation to change by constantly pursuing global and local developments

Persistent research on new and creative solutions focused on synergies in the ecosystem.

Develop and implement models effectively to provide added value to our stakeholders.