We are pioneering the technological journey of Turkey since 29 years, and breaking new grounds through the new models that we test and implement. We will continue to ofer initiatives that are created through value added collaborations in the future.


  • “Make Tomorrow Program” was launched.

    “Make Tomorrow Program”, which is a digital transformation training program for students who are the future of our country and for their teachers, was launched. The Exhibition and Award Ceremony of the First Term Finalist Projects were held.

  • We became a member of the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, Invest Europe.

    In February 2018, we became a member of Invest in Europe, which is the most comprehensive professional representative of the private equity and venture capital sector and its investors.

  • We became a member of the Institutional Limited Partners Private Equity Investors’ Association, ILPA.

    TTGV became the frst institutional investor from Turkey to the USA headquartered Association, which was founded with the objective to develop the professional qualifcations, common interests and the global representation capacity of private equity investors.

  • “Xnovate” Program was launched.

    TTGV’s new “Xnovate” Program was launched. It aims at disseminating the best practices in innovation processes that will create competition in the felds of technology, product management and innovation; and also raising human resources in this feld.

  • New Investment Program called “HIT” was launched.

    TTGV’s new Investment Program called “HIT” was launched. It aims at accelerating the entry into market of early phase investments which already has a working prototype (MVP) in the thematic feld chosen. The thematic feld of the frst year is “Health”.


  • Crowd funding platform Ideanest was launched.

    Ideanest is the frst donation-based crowd funding platform of Turkey. The program was designed to support innovation based projects to raise funds.

  • We became an investor of Taxim Capital Private Equity Fund.

    We continue to provide growth funds for our global market focused innovative SMEs through our Taxim Capital Private Equity Fund investment.


  • TTGV became a member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)

    TTGV is the second organization from Turkey to become a member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) on 10 October 2016 EVPA

  • We are the frst institutional investor from Turkey to MEDITERRA II private equity fund.

    In September 2016, TTGV became the frst institutional investor from Turkey to MEDITERRA II private equity fund, which was founded to provide qualifed fnancing to our innovative SMEs. 

  • TTGV is the second Turkish organization to become a shareholder of the European Investment Fund (EIF).

    The Technology Development Foundation of Turkey became a shareholder of EIF with 3 shares, in April 2016. EIF 

  • We became a partner of Turkish Philanthropy Funds.

    By being a partner of Turkish Philanthropy Funds, we became the frst technology focused non-governmental organization. Turkish Philantrophy Funds


  • We have started awarding distinctive works which strengthen the infrastructures of R&D, Technology and Innovation Management.

    We have started awarding comprehensive works in the felds of “R&D Management”, “Innovation Management”, “Technology Management” and “Commercialization of Technology”.

  • We focused on the needs of the technology transfer milieu.

    In order to support the main objective of the Technology Transfer Accelerator Turkey (TTA Turkey) Project, we will carry out works to increase the capacities of relevant stakeholders through the Consortium of TTGV, Bpifrance Financement (FR) and VentureWell (USA).

  • We have expanded our entrepreneurship and innovation activities in Eastern Anatolia.

    Under the sponsorship of EAP Regional Development Administration, the project involves 14 cities in Eastern Anatolia. We started working on needs analysis regarding entrepreneurship and innovation in this region.
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  • “Kıvılcım” opens its doors as a venue for industrial creativity and interaction.

    “Kıvılcım” opens its doors at the heart of Ankara’s technological zone. It addresses the real problems of the industry with the contemporary elements of competition as Data-Design-Digital, and is a meeting point of any community that will contribute to technology and innovation.


  • The meeting point for innovative ideas, called Ideaport, began publishing.

    Ideaport provides the opportunity to disseminate the valuable information gathered in the ecosystem, raise awareness and networking through its rich video content and inspirational events.

  • The hallmark Project of Ankara, Tech Ankara, was launched.

    Tech Ankara aims at enhancing the dialogue between technology development zones and increasing the visibility of the technology generation infrastructure in Ankara. This project continues under the auspices of Ankara Development Agency and reaches out to all stakeholders in Ankara.

  • Our sustainability program was chosen as a best practice towards Rio+20.

    UNIDO Eco-Efciency Program, which encompasses the climate change adaptation of industry, was chosen as a best practice towards Rio+20.


  • On our 20th anniversary, we have implemented exemplary practices in environmental projects that are in need of further attention.

    Eco-Efciency in İzmir, Industrial Symbiosis in İskenderun Gulf Region.


  • We have been accredited by United Nations Secretariat on Climate as a business oriented international NGO

  • We have launched Advanced Technology Projects Support Program.

    We have started to provide fnancial support for advanced technology projects in the felds that we consider crucial for our country (Manufacturing high value added bio-products from agricultural waste and its technologies, advanced material technologies and sensitive production techniques, technologies related to the production, storage and distribution of renewable energy, food technologies, biomedical technologies, technologies for climate change adaptation).


  • We entered Enterprise Europe Network.


  • Our regional and industry-specific capacity-building activities have begun.

    We have assessed the levels of technological development and competitiveness of both industries and regions, and have identified needs and developed solutions through the Eskişehir Regional Innovation Project (ESINKAP) and the Capacity-Building Project for Automobile Clusters (OKÜMKAP).


  • We have become an investor in the first “fund of funds” in Turkey.

    In order to ensure the provision of growth capital needed by innovative SMEs at international standards, we have participated as an investor in the first fund of funds initiative in Turkey, the Istanbul Venture Capital Initiative (iVCi), which has a size of 160 million Euros. İVCİ


  • We made a difference in the financing of sustainability.

    Through our Environmental Project Support, we provided financial support to archetypal projects in areas such as environmental technologies and energy efficiency. Ekoskop


  • A TTGV initiative in venture capital.

    To invest in early-stage and growth-stage technology companies, we created our subsidiary company Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş. 


  • We opened our first representation office.

    To support our main office in Ankara, we opened our first representation office at ITU Arı Technopolis in Istanbul.

  • We pioneered the foundation of the earliest and most successful technoparks in Turkey.

    We provided support for the establishment of Cyberpark and ITU Arı Technopolis, which are among the key building blocks and significant players in our technology ecosystem today.


  • We raised awareness of R&D support on our 10th anniversary.

    We launched our support campaign through our renewed website and new logo.

  • We started to award the best of university-industry cooperation.

    TTGV 10. Yıl
    In order to reward the best dissertations applied in industry, we launched the “Dr. Akın Çakmakçı Dissertation Awards”, in the name of Dr. Akın Çakmakçı, who is a pioneer in university-industry cooperation and was the Secretary General of TTGV between 1996 and 2001.


  • We expanded our operations into the venture capital business through two prominent investments

    We provided investment support to TURKVEN (Turkish Private Equity Fund) and the İş Private Equity.


  • We started giving awards for the best technology projects.

    In cooperation with TUBITAK and TUSIAD, we initiated the most prestigious and lasting technology awards in Turkey – the Technology Awards and Congress.


  • The first stage in our sustainability activities saw great international success.

    Our Project on the Elimination of Ozone-Depleting Substances, which we launched in 1994, was recognized as one of the nine most successful projects worldwide by the United Nations (UN).


  • We provided the first R&D support to the private sector in Turkey.

    We became the executor of the first R&D support program in Turkey, focusing on the private sector in cooperation with the World Bank and the Undersecretariat of the Treasury. In the years that followed, we started to grant “Capital Support for Product Development” as well.


  • TTGV founded.

    We were established according to the public-private partnership model to carry out activities to improve the technology- and innovation-based competitiveness of the Turkish private sector. As the first unique and autonomous model institution of Turkey, TTGV is among the seven foundations that have been established by law.